About Us


N-J VALVE The company was formed in July 2006 , products include ball valves, high performance butterfly valves, actuators and control accessories and related services.

Established N-J company

In order to better provide users with high-performance valves, the company decided to set up a sales-oriented branch in the capital of Beijing: "Beijing East meizhuo Valve Co., Ltd." After the establishment,Mainly to provide users a better understanding of The cost performance and use value of performance valves;

Replace imported products

After researching and repairing, summing up experience and breaking away from the monopoly of foreign companies, the company decided to independently research and develop high-performance valves. The products produced include: high-performance ball valves, high-performance eccentric butterfly valves and corresponding supporting actuators; its main sealing components All adopt imported materials and processing techniques to ensure service life and performance.

Made in China

In order to better provide users with high-quality self-owned brand products, the company changed its corporate name to: "Bonashi (Beijing) Flow Control Equipment Co., Ltd.", which mainly produces high-performance ball valves, high-performance butterfly valves and corresponding actuators. Make its products more competitive in the high-end industry, and the price is more advantageous; it truly realizes the meaning of Made in China!

Create own brand

Actuator unified identity, as the main implementing agency representatives and company culture logo

N-J to obtain trademark ownership

The company formally obtained the trademark ownership in October 2014, and used it as the abbreviation of the company's English name: "N-J VALVE CO., LTD", a name that N-J Valve is familiar to most old users;

J to obtain trademark ownership

This trademark has been used on most of the ball valves and butterfly valves produced by the company. 45% of the products shipped from the factory have permanent casting marks on the valve bodies. The products used in this mark involve most petrochemical companies and are widely used;

Entering new fields

With the development of science and technology, the company will enter new fields and open up new markets. The "OA" trademark will become another vane of our company in the field of science and technology, which is mainly used to develop enterprise online management systems.

R & D new products

The logo is used for cheaper valves produced by the company to provide users with more choices

R & D new products

Aiming at the metal valves required for the water purification treatment of tap water, develop safer electric and manual valve products that are more suitable for user needs and safer

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